...he wasn't an easy gentelman to describe

Project commissioned by the Museum of London as a part of Sherlock Holmes season. It is on display from 15th of October 2014 until 1st of March 2015.


Strolling along the streets of the capital, the urban rambler is confronted with a multitude or sartorial codes. Some seem easy to decipher, hinting at profession, financial status, religious belief and personal disposition. Others will only make sense to the initiated and the trained eye of the urban detective. Some appearances will be deceptive. Clothing references taken from the adventures of Sherlock Holmes have been re-imagined using 21st-century menswear, designed in London. Combining garments conceived by recent graduates with designer creations, our young man has assembled a wardrobe suitable for living and lounging in the large city.

STYLING John William

MODEL Oliver Cookson, AMCK Models